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high score!

i don’t know if you like free crap, but i sure do.

among my many addictions is collecting shoppers optimum points. i can safely say that i probably have $250 worth of points tucked away, just waiting to be unleashed.

so, in light of a generous mood i’m in right now, i’ll let you in on a little secret:

shoppers is having a 20x the points event from may 1-7 when you spend at least $75 on cosmetics or perfumes! which, as they claim, is at least $25 worth of free stuff!

so if you have $75 to blow, why not head on over to shoppers? you can pick yourself up some chloe perfume, vichy self-tanner, or a last minute mother’s day gift!

NOTE: i have no clue where this image came from, i just thought it was appropriate to go along with the theme of this post.


total knock out.

i can’t believe how effing awesome kung lao was when he finished scorpion in their fight last night –  it. was. epic.

…wait, what?

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an open letter to lindsay lohan.

dear lindsay,
as much as i sometimes wish i was you and lived your crazy life, you really need to stop making people think its alright to walk around looking like they belong in willy wonka’s factory.

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