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something to brighten your day…

just thought i would share a lil somethin’ somethin’ to brighten everyone’s day(…and publicly humiliate my younger brother).

on the left, you will see teen pop superstar justin bieber.

on the right, is my younger brother jake.

i love you mugatu!


a formal apology.

no, this isn’t going to turn into a sarcastic, witty, or sadistic crack at some product or person. this is the real deal.

i would like to formally apologize for my lack up updates, and yes, i do have a legitimate excuse: my education and subsequent employment.

so, now i’m back in toronto with a job (yay!) and a steady income (which i anxiously await every two weeks so i can ignore my budget and spend it on useless stuff)

…and then write about it.

top 10 tv shows from my childhood i wish they'd reincarnate.

oops! …i did it again.

i like to think i have decent self-control.

there are very few things that i have such a deep desire for that i lose all self control and will do anything to have. like food (mainly aroma) and puppies, shoes (and their respective sales) are one of these things.

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i heart mondays.

you know how the saying goes…”when you grow up, you’ll become your parents…”

…or something like that.

today i experienced something worthy of making the dreaded “mamalah! you will neeeeeeever guess what happened to me today!” phone call.  this call is generally the tipping point in one’s life when you finally realize you can relate to your parent(s) on almost all levels.

thankfully i was able to compose myself and realize the consequences of my actions. i do love my mother, i really do – just not enough to become her at this point in my life.

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purchase of the year.

i think this one speaks for itself – purchased today at le mart du wal.

NOTE: that is not just some logo – it is the actual pattern on the blanket.

top 10 most ridiculous things i secretly want but would be too ashamed to actually use.

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