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makeup sale?! yippee!

so i just discovered this insanely amazing website called coastal scents that sells mac quality makeup at a quarter of the price.

no, i am not being facetious.

i would advise checking out the site asap – like right meow – because in light of the looming hallmark holiday (mother’s day), coastal scents is giving you 15% off your entire order from now until may 3.

i just placed a massive order and i will definitely post about my favourites, but from what i hear, their hot pots (interchangeable eyeshadow pots that you can make custom palettes with) and gel liners are their best products. their makeup brushes are apparently great too and supa dupa cheap!

so move your little tush on over to coastal scents and make your mama proud!



everyone has their security blanket.

it could be perfume or cologne, a sweatshirt, and even in some cases an actual blanket. mine however, is none of those. i’m so sensitive about it that i absolutely refuse to leave the house without it. sometimes i even put it on when i’m home alone.

yes, i know, its bad.

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an open letter to lindsay lohan.

dear lindsay,
as much as i sometimes wish i was you and lived your crazy life, you really need to stop making people think its alright to walk around looking like they belong in willy wonka’s factory.

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les raton laveurs.

bert raccon? is that you?

tired of people mistaking you for a ufc fighter or a character from one of the greatest cartoons of the 90’s?

well stop f%$*ing complaining about it and do something!

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