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everything’s minty!

apologies for the prolonged hiatus, but you’ll get over it.


a lesson in online shopping.

not gonna lie, i’m usually really skeptical about shopping online and even more so about spending my hard-earned cash, but after reading the reviews posted about coastal scents, i was actually excited to be wasting my money.

and the fact that there was a site-wide sale didn’t hurt either. Continue reading

high score!

i don’t know if you like free crap, but i sure do.

among my many addictions is collecting shoppers optimum points. i can safely say that i probably have $250 worth of points tucked away, just waiting to be unleashed.

so, in light of a generous mood i’m in right now, i’ll let you in on a little secret:

shoppers is having a 20x the points event from may 1-7 when you spend at least $75 on cosmetics or perfumes! which, as they claim, is at least $25 worth of free stuff!

so if you have $75 to blow, why not head on over to shoppers? you can pick yourself up some chloe perfume, vichy self-tanner, or a last minute mother’s day gift!

NOTE: i have no clue where this image came from, i just thought it was appropriate to go along with the theme of this post.

makeup sale?! yippee!

so i just discovered this insanely amazing website called coastal scents that sells mac quality makeup at a quarter of the price.

no, i am not being facetious.

i would advise checking out the site asap – like right meow – because in light of the looming hallmark holiday (mother’s day), coastal scents is giving you 15% off your entire order from now until may 3.

i just placed a massive order and i will definitely post about my favourites, but from what i hear, their hot pots (interchangeable eyeshadow pots that you can make custom palettes with) and gel liners are their best products. their makeup brushes are apparently great too and supa dupa cheap!

so move your little tush on over to coastal scents and make your mama proud!

something to brighten your day…

just thought i would share a lil somethin’ somethin’ to brighten everyone’s day(…and publicly humiliate my younger brother).

on the left, you will see teen pop superstar justin bieber.

on the right, is my younger brother jake.

i love you mugatu!

a formal apology.

no, this isn’t going to turn into a sarcastic, witty, or sadistic crack at some product or person. this is the real deal.

i would like to formally apologize for my lack up updates, and yes, i do have a legitimate excuse: my education and subsequent employment.

so, now i’m back in toronto with a job (yay!) and a steady income (which i anxiously await every two weeks so i can ignore my budget and spend it on useless stuff)

…and then write about it.

don't call us slow…

for those of you who actually know me, you will know i have an issue with keeping my things in order and sometimes in good condition. technically, i could blame this on my a.d.d., but who are we kidding?

i’m just lazy.

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