a lesson in online shopping.

not gonna lie, i’m usually really skeptical about shopping online and even more so about spending my hard-earned cash, but after reading the reviews posted about coastal scents, i was actually excited to be wasting my money.

and the fact that there was a site-wide sale didn’t hurt either.

i placed my order on sunday, and by tuesday i had all my stuff. crazy right? well i’m just going to jump straight to the point and tell you what i bought:

  • 13 hot pots eyeshadows and one blush
  • 12-piece empty magnet palette
  • 3 piece limited edition brush set [kabuki brush, contoured face brush and a concealer brush]
  • italian badger angle blush brush
  • synthetic deluxe crease brush
  • mica pigmented powder [in very coral and black]
  • gel eyeliner [in truffle]

yes, its a lot of stuff, but the price definitely wasn’t, especially for the quality. for everthing plus shipping it came to $90. seriously, that’s insane. if i had gone to mac or sephora that would have easily cost me $300 or more.

i’m really impressed with everything, especially the brush quality. they’re incredibly soft, hold colour well and are SO CHEAP. $3 for a good quality crease brush? that’s just unheard of!

also, the eyeshadows are super pigmented and blend incredibly and the gel eyeliner goes on smoother than my bobbi brown longwear gel liner.

among my favourite purchases is the m18 eyeshadow. its an electric pink colour and saved me from spending $25 on smashbox’s blush in radiance.

i suggest checking out the videos that go over the colour swatches of all the hot pots [so nerdy – i know], because the pictures shown on the website don’t do them any justice.

Part One

Part Two

also, you should go shop your heart out.


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