don't call us slow…

for those of you who actually know me, you will know i have an issue with keeping my things in order and sometimes in good condition. technically, i could blame this on my a.d.d., but who are we kidding?

i’m just lazy.

in the past 4 years alone, i’ve managed to go through 2 laptops, 2 printers, 3 pairs of uggs, 4 (maybe 5) digital cameras, and more cell phones and blackberries than i care to mention.

while replacing one of my numerous blackberries at the rogers store, i stumbled upon iSkin vibes. this little guy has been a lifesaver.


the tough, gelatinous skin slips right over your berry or iPhone like a little suit.  it’s so durable, when you drop your phone, it literally bounces back – dent-free of course.

the iSkin comes in a whole whack colours and different patterns.  it even comes with a mirrored screen protector to defer over-the-shoulder text creepers. the only downside is that its only available for the 8900, bold and storm.

it cost $35, but this investment has managed to keep my berry damage and replacement-free.

so if you’re prone to berry suicide, stop being a sloth and go buy one of these!


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