in need of intervention.

my name is jamie, and i have an addiction.

no this isn’t a desperate cry for help – its a harmless addiction, well, except to my bank account. and sadly, no this post is not about shoes.

though i wish it was.

as of late, i’ve been spending far too much time in the library wasting away in the stacks, getting lost in my textbooks, and of course stalking spending quality time with my library boyfriends. but what’s a girl to do when she gets thirsty?

well, due to the high correlation between increased sugar intake and hyperactivity, i am unable to drink sugary drinks. therefore, i tend to opt for some good ol’ h2o or on occasion diet, aspartame-ridden soda (gasp!).

that is not to say that i don’t indulge every once in a while – this girl needs her apple juice or she gets cranky!

to get to the point, i’ve found a healthy medium: flavoured water. aquafina plus vitamins 10 cal to be precise, and i’ve been guzzling this stuff like my life depended on it.

it. is. so. good. yes, it may taste a little like watered-down juice, but its by far the best flavoured water i’ve tried – plus it gives you a healthy dose of vitamins! best of all, its sweetened with stevia – the only sweetner on the approved list of foods given to me by my nutritionist. hooray!

it comes in three flavours: black and blue berry, açai fruit punch, and tropical cherimoya. the açai and cherimoya flavours are definitely the best (even though i have no idea what a cherimoya is).

so what are you waiting for, go drink your vitamins kiddies!


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