top 10 tv shows from my childhood i wish they'd reincarnate.

(in no particular order)

  1. family matters
    two words: steve. urkel.

  2. breaker high
    sure it only aired for one season, but it was a damned good year of tv.  besides, it featured a young, unappreciated ryan gosling.


  3. the secreft world of alex mack
    being the unlucky result of a chemical disaster? being able to turn yourself into a puddle of mercury? telekinesis and a bizarre neon glow? uhh…hellooooooo.

  4. clarissa explains it all
    melissa joan hart before she was sabrina.  her brother was a ginger named ferguson who enjoyed cable-knit turtlenecks. if you haven’t seen it, go watch it online.


  5. talespin
    this is disney’s equivalent of “lost” – mystery, adventure, romance, jungles…superb!

  6. the hit list with tarzan dan
    the muchmusic countdown for kids.

    not gonna lie, i just watched it for all the behind-the-scenes moffats footage.

  7. bobby’s world
    featuring a 4 year-old with an overactive imagination (voiced by howie mandel), we’re taken on a trip into his view of the world. oh gosh darn, don’t cha know?

  8. are you afraid of the dark
    i still wish i was part of the midnight society. that’s how great this show was.

  9. reboot
    i blame this show entirely for turning me into a computer nerd.

  10. blossom
    whoa! joey lawrence. ♥.

honorable mention:

todays special

to be honest, i don’t even remember what this show was about.  all i remember is that it was the only show i would watch for a large chunk of my childhood.


NOTE: obviously full house deserves to be on this list, but it was just assumed that everyone knew that.


3 responses to “top 10 tv shows from my childhood i wish they'd reincarnate.

  • Flippy**

    Growing Pains doesn’t get an honorable mention? Well then it gets my post!!! (Hit the nail on the head with Clarissa explains it all -my sister Stacey definately made me do home video versions with me staring as the one and only Fergeson, obviously (not to mention the many embarrasing commercials she made me do in between, and yes, bumcream was on the list) Oh how creative we children can be…

  • Caroline

    and i’d say sister, sister..

  • Ruth-Anne

    Love some of these!! Now I need to purchase them on dvd.

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