everyone has their security blanket.

it could be perfume or cologne, a sweatshirt, and even in some cases an actual blanket. mine however, is none of those. i’m so sensitive about it that i absolutely refuse to leave the house without it. sometimes i even put it on when i’m home alone.

yes, i know, its bad.

my security blanket has also turned into a bit of a collection too. well, a hunt i should say. the hunt for the best mascara out there – trust me, its tough. i’m not sure why, but knowing that my lashes are long, plush, and clump-free just makes me feel better. i’ve probably tried every kind ever made in the last 10 years and i’ve only found one that i can be (relatively) monogamous with.

i discovered benefit’s badgal lash mascara two years ago and have remained loyal ever since. its the most incredible mascara out there. in my opinion at least.

if there’s one thing i hate, its clumpy lashes.  well, i have yet to experience any with badgal.  the wand is ginormous, which is perfect for coating your lashes and making them huge and evenly fanned out.  even better, it provides enough volume and length to have people questioning whether your eyelashes are real or not.

its true – i’ve been asked.

the only pitfall is that it dries out pretty quickly, but to be honest, i think it works better when its a little dryer.

so what are you waiting for?  hit the road, spend $25, let your hair down, bat those lashes and release your inner bad gal.

you know you want to…


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