meet turleen.

this is turleen. she’s the award winning stylist at my mother’s salon. as you can see from her coif, she’s currently sporting a hybrid streamline-poodleperm femullet – a look she created all on her own.

and if you haven’t met yet, this is moroccan oil. you should get to know each other very, very, VERY well. i know we’ve gotten quite close over the past year-and-a-bit, and its probably the longest, healthiest, and best smelling relationship i’ve had.

yes, best smelling. i said it.

not only does it make your locks feel as soft as the day you were born, it detangles, tames frizz and never leaves your hair greasy – it has certainly done a great job at controlling my afro. turleen is a huge fan as well.  with a deep musky scent, this product is also great for guys with dry, unruly hair who just want to tame their mane.

i’m warning you now, you will develop a severe case of boysmell with this product.

for a 100ml bottle (which lasts months) its about $40, and if you’re ready to take the leap, i suggest you give moroccan oil a try.

you (and your frizzy rat’s nest you call hair) won’t regret it.


One response to “meet turleen.

  • Jonathan Fine

    You are hilarious … it reminds me of a car ride many years ago when a woman honked the her car horm and the funny little girl in the car seat yelled “asshole” … humour must be genetic only yours is not lame

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