i heart mondays.

you know how the saying goes…”when you grow up, you’ll become your parents…”

…or something like that.

today i experienced something worthy of making the dreaded “mamalah! you will neeeeeeever guess what happened to me today!” phone call.  this call is generally the tipping point in one’s life when you finally realize you can relate to your parent(s) on almost all levels.

thankfully i was able to compose myself and realize the consequences of my actions. i do love my mother, i really do – just not enough to become her at this point in my life.

i was walking through the mall today gathering decorative items for st. patrick’s day, when i decided to venture off my path and go into a store that had just gotten in their new spring line.


i beelined it for the first thing i saw – this amazing white studded vest. perfect for the warmer months ahead.

(this isn’t the actual vest, but it sure looks a lot like it)

not wanting to do any more damage, i went straight to the cash after my prey had been captured.  en route i decided it would be smart to check the price tag to see what kind of trouble i was getting myself into.


$110?! i can tell you the first thing to cross my mind was not a pretty word. theres no way i could justify spending that much money on my student budget.  however, i attempted to do just that – “oh, i know!” i thought to myself, “i just got my teaching assistant job back. sure my paycheque doesn’t go through for 2 weeks, but i can just visa it!”.

approaching the cash, i put the vest down, and gripping my credit card tightly, i apprehensively handed it over to the cashier.  as i did, she said “that’ll be $25“.

say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!

i guess they messed up their sale items or it was just unmarked, but who was i to complain. i just got the sweetest deal ever.

NOTE: please refer yourself to the lovely comment below made by (none other than) my mother.

hey – its nice to know someone is reading.


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