pitfall of the female race.

it is true.

well, have you honestly, ever in your life seen a pretty muffin?

there you go.
i win.

why do you think they call “muffin top“, muffin top?

you know, the bizarre phenomenon occurring in females wearing pants/undies that are too tight resulting in some spillover that resembles an actual muffin top.

no? doesn’t ring a bell? how ’bout an example.

i’m sorry i had to put you through that, but it was necessary to make my point.

a few years back, after the low-rise jean trend exploded onto the market, christina was ‘xtina’, and said “phenomena” began, some genius invented hanky panky “the world’s most comfortable panty.”

best of all? not only stylish and sexy, they’re practical too – guaranteed to never, ever, EVER give you muffin top.
i swear by them.¬†only underoos i’ll wear – promise!

well, now that you’ve seen mine its only fair you show me yours.


ps – girls would love to get these as a gift, rather than that edible stuff that you know you’ve thought about gifting.



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