don't get your knickers in a bunch.

its hard to find decent music these days. even rarer to find music that doesn’t want to make me rip my own ears off. i discovered the following band while stalking people via my facebook newsfeed.

hey – at least i can admit it.

i decided to check out great bloomers on myspace (didn’t know it still existed) and to be honest, it took me a few listens to get the hang of it – their style, although unlike anything i had heard before, isn’t generally what i listen to. once i did, well, i just couldn’t stop and before i knew it, i had a charge on my visa bill from itunes.


they’re a 5-member band from toronto who pull from multiple genres to create a unique rhythm-heavy sound.  if i were to describe them, i’d say they were a twangy mix of (are you ready for this?) ben folds-meets-rufus wainwright-meets-the killers-meets-r.e.m.-meets-the beach boys-meets-queen. phew!


their debut album speak of trouble has already received quite a bit of attention from local press in toronto (and apparently my friends on facebook), and is available on itunes.  my favourite song at the moment is “the young ones slept“, but “lobbyist” comes in at a close second.  be sure to give it a listen on their myspace if you don’t believe me (and everyone else…but especially me) how awesome they really are.

they’re playing at the horseshoe in toronto march 11 for canadian music week.  if you can, go check them out! apparently they’re amazing live.


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