Monthly Archives: March 2010

don't call us slow…

for those of you who actually know me, you will know i have an issue with keeping my things in order and sometimes in good condition. technically, i could blame this on my a.d.d., but who are we kidding?

i’m just lazy.

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in need of intervention.

my name is jamie, and i have an addiction.

no this isn’t a desperate cry for help – its a harmless addiction, well, except to my bank account. and sadly, no this post is not about shoes.

though i wish it was.

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song of the moment.

country grammar by nelly

(random, i know – its that kind of day. get over it.)

[mp3player width=200 height=150 config=fmp_jw_widget_config.xml playlist=nelly-country-grammar.xml]

PS – what the hell happened to nelly?

top 10 songs that get me pumped up for summer.

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top 10 tv shows from my childhood i wish they'd reincarnate.


everyone has their security blanket.

it could be perfume or cologne, a sweatshirt, and even in some cases an actual blanket. mine however, is none of those. i’m so sensitive about it that i absolutely refuse to leave the house without it. sometimes i even put it on when i’m home alone.

yes, i know, its bad.

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song of the moment.

only happy when it rains by garbage

yup. 90’s phase in full effect.

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