i'm cold. can i borrow your sweatshirt?

any girl who has ever dated a boy, had guy friends, or stolen an article of clothing from someone she was truly and hopelessly infatuated with will know what i’m talking about.


this phenomenon, generally occurring in the presence of one of the aforementioned males, is really  just the smell of a boy.

in my case, it was my boyfriend. however, i did have the terrible compulsion to steal articles of his clothing just so i could wear them solely because of how good they smelt.

you know you’ve done it too.

get over yourself.

really, i don’t know what it was – if it was his cologne, laundry detergent, a natural scent he emitted, or some combination of the three – but wow…it smelt damn good!

well – it was that smell that chloe by chloe reminded me of. in fact, i’m almost on my third bottle. its that good.

seriously, the people behind this scent are absolute geniuses.  somehow these masterminds managed to bottle boysmell in a jar – brilliant!

the kicker? they managed to sneak some floral notes over the masculine base of cedarwood and amber so us girls can wear it.


oh – and you’re probably wondering if my boyfriend and i are still together?

yeah, we’re not.

we broke up 3/4 of the way through my first bottle.


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