Monthly Archives: February 2010

all we are saying.

well, john and yoko had the right idea.

this hot chocolate could cause peace in the middle east. no – peace on earth. as if you thought it wasn’t possible.

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i'm cold. can i borrow your sweatshirt?

any girl who has ever dated a boy, had guy friends, or stolen an article of clothing from someone she was truly and hopelessly infatuated with will know what i’m talking about.

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an open letter to lindsay lohan.

dear lindsay,
as much as i sometimes wish i was you and lived your crazy life, you really need to stop making people think its alright to walk around looking like they belong in willy wonka’s factory.

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freshly sexed hair.

i thought i’d start things off with a bang – literally.

i’m not sure if it went anywhere, but the sexy “bed-head” look is back.

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caffeine fix.

you know whats weird? people who don’t drink coffee.

well, i actually happen to be one of those weirdos and what’s even weirder is that (until recently) i worked in a coffee shop.

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les raton laveurs.

bert raccon? is that you?

tired of people mistaking you for a ufc fighter or a character from one of the greatest cartoons of the 90’s?

well stop f%$*ing complaining about it and do something!

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